Free Las Vegas Attractions You Cannot Miss

las vegas strip
Las Vegas Attractions You Cannot Miss
November 18, 2016
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Things To Do In Las Vegas During The Holidays
December 16, 2016

Free Las Vegas Attractions You Cannot Miss

image of the las vegas strip

When people come to Las Vegas, they think money-sucking-city. You could take your chance on a slot machine and win the grand prize, but the chances of that happening, is close to never. So, when you’re in a city filled with attractions, one might wonder, are there any free things to do here? The answer to that is, absolutely.

The following is a list of free Las Vegas attractions to take advantage of:

  1. Above the casino floor of Circus Circus, watch death-defying stunts of acrobats every half hour.
  2. Rio hosts a Masquerade in the Sky which is a carnival-like parade every weekend at 7PM.
  3. One of the largest botanical cactus gardens is found at Ethel M. which is a popular chocolatier in town.
  4. Enjoy a free 3-D movie at the M&M’s World conveniently located at the Strip.
  5. Are you a fan of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars? You can visit the actual shop in Downtown Las Vegas. Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is the actual name of the store so keep an eye out for it.
  6. Drink for free when you’re at the slot machines. You’ll see cocktail waitresses go around so make sure to ask for one when they come up to you. Don’t forget to leave a tip so they keep coming back.
  7. There is a museum at The Polaroid Fotobar that is free to the public until 2AM on weekends, but midnight on all the other days. It’s one of those hidden gems in Las Vegas that shows photography in Polaroid format.
  8. You did not visit Las Vegas if you didn’t take photos at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. There’s plenty of parking in this spot, and it’s hard to miss because of the crowd!
  9. Watch Cirque Du Soleil open rehearsals. It’s open to the public and you get to see the performers practice for the show.
  10. Watch the Bellagio Fountains perform every 15 minutes as it gracefully dances to synchronized music.
  11. Across the M&M’s World is another chocolate store that many know about– Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s flagship highlights an 800-pound Statue of Liberty made out of, you guessed it: Chocolate.
  12. Lucky Cat is a giant chrome statue that dispenses goodies from free night stays to fortune cookie messages. Simply put your hand on its paw and try your luck! This is conveniently located at the Cosmopolitan.
  13. If you’re into airplanes, you can watch them land at the North Las Vegas Airport Viewing Deck. You’ll see various size of blimps, helicopters to aircrafts.
  14. Featuring about 50 sculptures, the Cirque du Soleil Art Gallery pays homage to its name. It’s located at the lobby of the “O” theater inside Bellagio.